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Research for your financial future

Yield Maximizing, Strategy Specific Market Research that Adapts to You.

Research for your financial future

Planning & Strategy

Checkmate Starts with the Opening Move

Investing isn't just about chasing after the latest stock, it's about developing a comprehensive strategy that takes into account all the potential risks and rewards. Dispel the myth of the 'next big hit.' At Tiblio, we help you create something timeless - a strategic plan tailored to your vision, goals, and timeline. We offer you a foundation with the pieces and knowledge you need to develop a plan- not a free ride.

Trade Journal

Learn From Every Move You Make

Navigating Tiblio’s research landscape isn’t just a journey, it’s an experience that can transform the way you approach and analyze your trades. Our community empowers you to unlock your potential. Think of the Trade Journal as your chess manual, where you can hone nascent strategies into masterful gambits. Play your moves like a grandmaster and win the game of business.

Every Move, Strategically Documented

Strategy is more than just a set of moves. It's an ever-evolving force that shapes each game. Likewise, your trading strategies should do more than just exist - they should breathe, evolve, and become part of your journey. Your data-driven narrative and reflective insights bring each move to life, creating a unique trading chronicle that captures the market's enchantment and reveals missed opportunities.

Trade Journal

My Watchlist

Your Personal Investment Saga

Investing is a game, and your watchlist is your army. Position it strategically and make sure you're ready for battle - it's an important part of your endgame. With Tiblio, you can easily establish your watchlist and then let the platform do the work for you! Tiblio will automatically reconfigure itself around your central set of stocks, making sure that you stay focused and up to date. Your assignment? Forge the watchlist that becomes your battlefield strategy, the backbone of your investment conquest.

Alerted with Precision, Informed with Purpose

From SEC 8K Filings to Analyst Price Target Shifts, these elements are more than just data points - they’re the tactical maneuvers of your army, taking your story to a checkmate!

My Watchlist screenshot from Tiblio showing a sample watchlist along with the notification settings.

Research and Discovery

Your Chessboard, Demystified

Forget burning the midnight oil navigating through financial mazes. Tiblio turns the colossal world of financial data into your personal playbook of precise, actionable insights. Your position in this ensemble? Immerse, engage and operate your strategy with unmatched confidence.

With so many strategies out there when it comes to investing in the stock market, many don’t work. But for the few that do, you must make sure they are tailored to you and your investment goals. With each strategy, there are so many data points to consider and thousands of decisions to make. Tiblio helps you make better decisions by getting to know you through the watchlist you created. It narrows the field of options to those that make sense for you, saving you time and energy. Dive into curated research that provides you not only with informative data but also actionable insights – making it your own personal playbook, prepped and ready for action!

An image the illustrates an investor deep in stock market data research

Explore the power of our stock and options screeners! Discover the curated market research that our selection of screeners provides. From each screener, you can click through to our documentation set and learn more about what makes each one tick. Get ready to uncover even more insights!


Wake up and smell the coffee! Tiblio's Morning Watchlist is the perfect way to start your day - quickly informing you of what's happening in the market shortly after the opening bell. Get your day off to the best start with a strategically planned routine.


Don't forget the basics: fundamental analysis is the bedrock of any successful strategy. Be bold, be brave, but don’t be stupid - take the time to really understand the market! No need to suffer through boring financial statements! With Tiblio you can easily access the fundamental data you need for deeper analysis on a silver platter.

Stock Screeners

If you're still building your watchlist, don't forget to check out our stock screeners. Look for stocks with low beta, that are moving today, or that are potentially overpriced. It's worth the extra time to make sure you've got the best picks!

Option Screeners

We're excited to share the core set of screeners that Tiblio was built on. As you develop your strategy, you can use these tools to help you make the best decisions with your capital.

Option Flow Screeners

Option flow is a relatively new trading strategy that can be used to complement or even reinforce the moves that you're about to make. Just like any other market research data, it's important to use this info with care and not assume it's predictive. Use it to support strategic decisions, not make them!

Execution and Analysis

The Pinnacle of Precision

The line between an astute trader and an amateur is razor-sharp execution. That's where Tiblio comes in – to refine your strategy to its most potent form and take your trading to the next level.

Automatic Alerts, Tailored for Mastery

Say goodbye to second-guessing and elevate your trading IQ with Tiblio! With automatic profit and loss alerts and thresholds tailored to your position, every move you make is deliberate and masterful. Tiblio whispers wisdom in a chaotic market - don't miss out! Having multiple positions open can be overwhelming, but with these alerts in place, you can keep track of all your investments and make sure your strategy stays on track! If you’re feeling unsure or second-guessing your decisions, use our alerts to get back on track. Remember, you choose the path. Stick to your strategy or pivot to something new.


Let's redefine your investing narrative together. Tiblio - Crafting Masterful Investment Stories.